Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 30: 02/20/17...New Area, New Companion

Week 30: Savannah La Mar

My apologies for not writing last week, the internet was way slow!!!! I think I only responded to my dad's email, hahaha. 

Anyways, I am in a new area and I am currently serving with Sister Van Der Leek... and as I said before, she's from South Africa! She's a great teacher and so I have been learning a lot from her!!!

These past couple weeks have been awesome! We've been doing a lot of finding and through faith in the Lord, we have been able to find a lot of great people to teach! We are currently working on putting Shameika and Kia (a mother and daughter) on date to be baptized. We should be seeing them today and so I will let you know how that goes :) They were found by the previous sisters who served here. Shameika is married and has 4 kids, making Kia her oldest! They are so humble and so ready to accept the gospel and so I am excited to help them progress towards baptism.

We are also teaching a lady named Pricilla. Okay, so funny story, on our first day here, we walked past Pricilla's home and her dogs tried to attack us! No joke, I thought I was going to die lol. We started to talk to Pricilla and after thanking her for saving our lives, we got a returning appointment! It turns out that she was taught by missionaries a long time ago! She is currently in labor but when she gives birth to her baby boy, we will prepare her for baptism as well because she told us she wants to get baptized! she is so nice and I am excited for the next time I get to see her.

The last person I will talk about right now is an awesome lady named Allison. We met her while finding in Grotto, which I found out is not a super safe area... lol. While teaching her the Restoration, she cried and I know she had felt the spirit. She has a lot of regrets in her life but we shared with her that it is through the gospel of Jesus Christ that she can feel free and happy. She's got 7 kids and they are all so awesome!

I've been able to reflect a lot on eternal families and why that is so important to our Father in Heaven. One thing I am learning while being a missionary is that because Heavenly Father loves us so much as His children, He wants us to share that love with our brothers and sisters. My testimony of that continues to strengthen as I am given opportunities to share with my Jamaica brothers and sisters that same message. I am sure that my mom and brother wanted me to understand that as well. I did my best to honor them this week by doing all I can to teach others about the gospel.

I know this one was a long one but I hope you all have a great week! To my friends at home, eat some Genki Sushi for me lol. Thank you for all the love and support!!!!!

Aloha wau ia oukou a ofa lahi atu!

Sister Meli

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