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Week 16: 11/14/16

Week 16: 11/14/16

Gooooooood afternoon!!! This week was pretty interesting lol.

Okay so to start, Sis Afemata and I got kinda sick and so we stayed in on Tuesday. We did a splits with the other sisters, and so Sis Jenkins and Sis Bowen were able to have lessons with people that Sis Jenkins and I were teaching as well as people that Sis Bowen and Afemata were teaching. I did another splits with Sis Bowen on Wednesday and was able to see some of the area that they serve in and it's pretty nice! I was able to see a blind man named Joel receive a priesthood blessing from the elders. I hope he was able to feel the spirit from that.

In our district meeting, we were discussing about the importance of teaching short and simply and then adding our testimony to it after. I think these are things that are important in our teaching tactics as missionaries because we are able to bring the message across to those that we teach in a shorter amount of time and with more power. I am definitely going to apply this a lot more in teaching efforts!

Transfer calls came and Sis Jenkins and I are staying together.

This past Saturday was another BLESSED day! We had our second baptism, and it was for the daughter of the family we are currently teaching. Her name is Tracey Ann and if I had favorites (which I don't), it would be her. She's twelve and she tells everyone that I am her older sister. I go along with it because it is SO true. I love her so much. Seeing her baptized and confirmed was such a tender mercy. I hope that this will help motivate the rest of the family to be baptized soon!

Sunday was so awesome as well. 4 of the recent converts that us missionaries have been teaching received the priesthood in sacrament meeting ;-) This included Rohan, our first investigator who was baptized two weeks ago. He's doing awesome by the way. He's been doing his own missionary work and even invited a friend to church last week!!! Seeing those 4 converts stand and receive the priesthood was such a beautiful thing to see. The work is really moving forward here in Maypen!!!

As this transfer closes, I am thankful for everything I am able to learn as a missionary. I hope that I will be able to continue to grow in the gospel more as time goes on.

fyi: I am currently in Kingston and this place is hopping!!! Sis Jenkins had a dentist appointment this morning and so we've been spending our p day here and it's awesome lol! 

fyi2: Sister Bowen has also been called to be the new STL!!!

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