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Week 8: 09/19/16

Week 8: 09/19/16

Hello my people! First of all I want to apologize for not sending an email last week, the wifi was down and there's only two places we can email here: the church or this cafe (so sketch). 

Anyways, I was discouraged when I couldnt email you all, especially since homesickness is very real. But I will say that I was able to focus a lot more on the work here and was able to witness MIRACLES. I humbly thanked Heavenly Father for not being able to email because I grew a lot more as a missionary from that experience.

I am no longer bothered by all of the marriage proposals I'm offered here. Just ask them if they want to follow in Christ's example and be baptized and they won't bother you that much after. Haha! 

I was also able to have a small switch off with the other two sisters in my brach this past week and I learned a lot from them. They're such a great set of companions and so they really helped push me to become more consecrated. I was also the pianist for a baptism the other day. It was so nice! Also we're currently planning for a branch "Trunk or Treat", so pray that it can actually happen! I really want the members and investigators to get involved more.

I've been gaining a huge testimony in faith and prayer. Just yesterday, my comp and I went tracking down random roads and we now have 7 schedule appointments for this upcoming week! I hope it's promising. Well that is really all for this week. Catch me up with life, everyone!!!

Aloha wau ia 'oe a ofa lahi atu!

Sister Meli


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