Saturday, February 18, 2017

Week 15: 11/07/16: Happy November!

Week 15: 11/07/16: Happy November!!!

Hi everyone! This week was a pretty good one I would say. 

To start, we had a Halloween party for zone pday. That was fun, there are a few new missionaries in our zone this transfer. I'm just glad I'm not the youngest missionary anymore! For Halloween, I just wrapped my pareo around my waist and said I was Hawaiian. lol @ my creative self.

Later in the week, we had zone meeting where our zone leaders talked to us about teaching simply, bearing testimony of the things we teach, and about retention with our recent converts. Elder Stevens, one of the zone leaders, also talked to us about how great our callings are as missionaries and it was very powerful! I loved zone meeting, it really motivated me to work harder in the mission. 

We also discovered that there are a total of 4 polynesian missionaries in the Jamaica Kingston mission and all 4 of us are in the same zone. There's Elder Kolomalu, from Layton, Utah, and us 3 sisters, Sister Faimalie, from Samoa, and Sister Afemata, and md. We took a pic together with our honorary poly, Elder Stevens, since we discovered that he went to a JBoog concert before he came out! 

Our Maypen Branch also took part in the International service day this past Saturday and that was fun. We helped clean at the Denbigh School just by our house. Later that night, we took part in a baptism for Jadean, an investigator who was being taught by the other Maypen sisters. His mom is Ms. Rosy, the woman we helped carry buckets of sand up to her house. It was a beautiful baptism! He's an awesome kid, I see great things for him. Sis Afemata and I also sang "How Can I Be" using our district leader's ukulele. 

Thinking about this week, I've realized how fast this transfer went! This is week 5 of 6, meaning that whether or not Sis Jenkins and I will be together much longer is unknown. I just don't ever want to leave Maypen, I love it here too much!

This week, Sis Jenkins and I will be preparing for another baptism, Tracy Ann, the young daughter of the family we're teaching. We're so excited!!! 

Hope you all have an amazing week!

Aloha wau ia 'oukou a ofa lahi atu,

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