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Week 9: 09/26/16

Week 9: 09/26/16

Aloha everyone!!!

This week was pretty awesome. Updating you all on the "Trunk or Treat" idea we had, so far it's a go! 

My companion and I are currently not allowed to go in this one area anymore because of how dangerous it is, especially for women. We also quickly learned about how bad we are at budgeting and so we are REALLY watching what we spend our money on haha.

Due to the number of people we had to drop the week before, we went tracking and currently have two new investigators. We also learned about how giving service to others can be a great missionary opportunity as well! We had a few lessons because we saw an opportunity to give some sort of service to them.

It's still really hot here but I am getting more accustomed to it...

I just have to get used to sweating all the time!

Heavenly Father gives us tender mercies everyday and so I've been trying to find them everyday. One time, our taxi driver took a wrong turn and we ended up on a road we had never seen before. It ended up being awesome because we were able to find one of our new investigators on that road!

A hymn that has really helped me this week was "Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy". 
It's actually in the men's choir section of the hymn book and so I was very unfamiliar with it, but now that I know it, I can't stop singing it. "Some poor sailing sea man, you may rescue, you may save". As a representative of the Lord, it's so important for us to have a good attitude. We always need to smile, we always need to say hi, we always need to remember to be good to others because we never know who we could help come closer to our Father in Heaven.

My favorite thing about Jamaica this week have been the thunder storms. They are SO beautiful. It doesn't really rain here but there's thunder and lightning storms every night and it just lights up the sky. Night is almost as bright as day and I love it so much.

Thank you to everyone that's emailed me! I hope to hear from you all soon :)

Aloha wau ia 'oukou a ofa lahi atu!

Sister Meli

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