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Week 5: 08/29/16

Week 5: 08/29/16

​Hey everyone!!!

I'm sorry this is such an unorganized email and I'll add other people after I finish this email, but as you can see from the title of this email, I am finally in Jamaica!


So I landed here last Tuesday night and it was SO HOT. I was basically using a machete to chop through the thickness of the air lololol. It was me, and four other elders that all came: Elder Perkins, Smith, Shepperd, and my favorite, Elder Moyes (he reminds me of the time baby from Gravity Falls, look it up). It was awesome being with them and finally getting to meet my mission pres, President Pearson and his wife. They're so awesome. We stayed with them the first night.

My companion is SO awesome. Her name is Sister Jenkins and she's from Montego Bay.

I'm serving in an area called Maypen, more specifically around Racetrack. It's like Kalihi but 100x worst. But it's amazing. I love being able to walk around and seeing all these little kids run out of their small houses just to say "Hi missionaries!!!" It's so awesome. For this whole mission area, four sets of missionaries cover just 1 branch. The area is also huge so I walk A LOT. I've taken taxis before, and theyre really cheap but Jamaicans drive CRAZY!!!!!!! 

For my friends reading this email: there are so many dogs here and since it's so crazy hot, you can walk along the street and just see dogs sleeping under all different types of trees and I swear it's God's blessing to me to see that lol.

I haven't taken a lot of pics yet, just one and itʻs of my companion and me. I'll attach it.

Anyways, I have been so humbled being here already. I've met with a lot of people that my companion had been teaching before I got here, including a family who has already commited to joining the church. Missionary work is so amazing. The most amazing thing for me is being able to share with others how much God loves them. I look at all these people and am reminded that they are my brothers and sisters and that the message I want to share with them is about eternal happiness. I just love these people so much.

I learned really early here that lots of people like my hair and so I now have to get used to people constantly touching and wanting to braid my hair HAHAHA.

Anyways, I know I'm making this short but I just want to let you all know that I love you. Next week I'll respond individually to my peeps but rn I'm short on time. 

I love you all. Aloha wau ia oe a ofa lahi atu.

Sister Meli

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