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Week 12: 10/18/16

Week 12: 10/18/16

Aloha everyone!!! so it's currently a Tuesday but HERE I AM HAHA. Yesterday was "Heroes Day" here in Jamaica, where they commemorate the sacrifices of the men and women who fought on behalf of the liberty here. Since it was a holiday, we went proselyting. The good thing about that was that it was raining and so I wasn't sweating!!! (yay!)

This week was SO AMAZING! I saw miracle after miracle! The family we're currently teaching gave us a referral to teach one of their friends, a mom and daughter, and we got to meet them a few days ago. We went by their shop and originally wanted to just say hi and introduce ourselves but we ended up teaching them about the whole Restoration and Plan of Salvation! and they're on date for baptism too! Sis Jenkins and I are so excited to meet with them this week! 

We also have one other investigator on date for baptism and his name is Rohan! He was a referral we received from a recent convert!

The other two families we're teaching are also amazing. They're so kind and I'm excited to be seeing them more as well. 

"The field is white and ready to harvest" is such a real thing! By faith, Sis Jenkins and I went contacting this week and we just found so many people who have been wanting to know more about Jesus Christ. It's a very exciting time for us :D

Earlier this week, Institute set up a day to have activities at the chapel and so we invited a lot of our investigators. It was a great turnout! I would just like to tell you all to NEVER PLAY DUCK, DUCK, GOOSE with Jamaicans because they go all out! You do NOT want to be the goose! I now know why Jamaica won track and field for the Olympics. 

Anyways, I'm excited for this week, pray all goes well!

Aloha wau ia 'oukou a ofa lahi atu!!!

Sister Meli


pic 1: Sister Swindle and me (she's only been in Jamaica as long as I have and she's now the new training leader!)
pic 2: Tracy Ann and Baby Nazia (the two youngest kids of the family!)
pic 5: Tracy likes to play with my hair (she calls me "Sister Dolly")
pic 4: Monkey see, monkey do
pic 3: Vivica (wearing a "Hawaiian girl" shirt! obviously, I got excited)
pic 6: Some goats outside across the street of our house lolol

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