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Week 6: 09/05/16: "KFC is the BOMB"

Week 6: 09/05/16


So second week of Jamaica!

First let me tell you that the heat doesn't get any better. I used to think I was pretty tanned as well, but I learned very early that I was not tan here in Jamaica. People are always calling me Chinese, Indian, or White girl lol. Also I've been proposed to more than I can count from men of the ages of 6-600 years old. Gross but whatever. My companion and I get along really well, she's really funny and so crazy! She's a great complement when we both go teaching others about the gospel because she just knows so much. I'm constantly learning from her.

Anyways, this past Friday we had zone conference and I played the piano for a General authority (He's the one who covers our mission!) crazy but I feel blessed. I'm also the pianist for my branch. lol go figure. 

We have a few people we are teaching, including this one family who is just AMAZING. They make the best food and I feel so at home with them. They're also on date for baptism!! I'm so excited, but its not gonna happen till next month because the dad and mom need to get married. Also like theres a lot of ppl here who just pop babies out and so there's kids everywhere. There's also all these little shops everywhere that sell snacks and so I'm constantly buying a snack and I always have one on me HAHA!

I got to ride in the back of a truck and it reminded me of all the times I rode in the beautiful F150 with my baby sis. Also all the cars here are so sketch I have no idea how these cars last so long! and I don't remember what it's like to drive on a smooth road anymore either.

The food here is pretty good, they're KFC is the BOMB. I eat a lot of chicken here lol, all sorts and I think that's my greatest blessing HAHA. So yeah, I am not losing weight any time soon.

People here are crazy but they're so loving. We were trying to figure how to get members to come out to church more and I thought of doing a musical fireside!! so yeah I'm gonna be starting those up so we can also get members more involved with missionary work! Pray that it goes well!!!!!!

Also, @dad, please send me Bishop Hamano's email!

That's really it for now, Ill send some pics so yall know I aint getting any skinnier lol. ALSO REBEL SOULJAHZ PLAYED HERE ON THE STREET AND I DANCED TO IT IT WAS AWESOME

I guess the one thing I've really been learning here while in Jamaica is humility. The people here live in such humble circumstances and it makes me grateful for all I have. I continue to teach others about the love of God and I never forget to tell them about how much I love them as well. The people here are just so happy all the time, and with whatever they're given, they give thanks. I love the opportunity I'm given here to share with others about this gospel. I'm constantly surrounded by the spirit and it just makes me so happy.

Keep me updated peeps!!

Peace be da journey,

Sister Meli

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